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January 8, 2021

No-Risk Matched Betting USA | 8-Step Guide 2021

The complete matched betting USA guide, all you need to know about arbitrage betting and value betting in the United States in 2021.

If you want to know how to make steady profits from arbitrage sports betting and want to know the best way to do no-risk matched betting in the USA, it’s all covered here. The 8 step guide is at the bottom, but I’d suggest taking your time and reading the rest, matched betting is only risk free if you do it properly.

A few quick points about no risk matched betting in the USA before we begin.

  1. Every state has their own rules regarding online betting in the US. You can see your states own rules here.
  2. By backing and laying certain games and using free bonus bets, we can lock in guaranteed profits for the bookmaker cash bonuses.
  3. You will need to be over 21 to participate, you will also need to confirm your eligibility to sign up with the bookmakers before signing up.
  4. If you are here to learn about gambling, you’re in the wrong place, this is not a tipping site and we in no way encourage gambling. This is an informational demonstration of how arbitrage betting works.
  5. Some links on the site are affiliates, if you sign up and continue using their services I might get a commission. Yay, but it also incentivises me to keep the site updated and spend time helping people, it never influences the content or value I’m trying to provide. If I recommend it, I use it myself.

What is No risk matched betting USA?

Matched betting is a form of arbitrage where we leverage the bonus bets and promotional offers that the bookmakers give to customers to entice us to sign up with them and keep betting.

We take these bonuses and back both sides of a game, ensuring we can not lose. We also don’t win, in fact, with the original bet we break even. However, we then use the promotion or bonus that we unlocked by placing this initial bet and repeat the process.

This time using the free bonus bet instead of our own money. This guarantees a profit when we back both outcomes with the free bonus money.

We will get a bonus bet from one bookmaker and then place a bet with them, we will then go to another bookmaker and place a bet on the other team to win. There is some math that needs to be done to make sure you break even regardless of the outcome. Don’t worry though, we have a free matched betting calculator.

In the united states there are not betting exchanges such as Betfair to place these bets, so we will just use the second bookmaker and the calculator provided.

Is Matched Betting Available in the USA?

It’s possible to do matched betting anywhere you are able to get promotions or bonuses, the method is simple arbitrage. The main concern in the US is what state you are resident. Each state has its own rules.


Matched betting is not as lucrative in the US yet as there are not a huge amount of online bookmakers, however it’s still possible to make some decent profit if you’re willing to put the work in.

The best way to get involved is to use a matched betting service free trial to get started. As of writing the only real option for this in the USA right now is RebelBetting. They offer a free 14 day trial and their service spoon feeds US user arbitrage opportunities to make steady profits.

No risk Matched Betting USA Alternative – Value Betting

If you are in a state which you can get the sign up bonus bets, then you will be able to make some very nice no-risk matched betting profits very early on. However, you will very quickly use up the initial sign up bonuses, so how do we make matched betting sustainable or get involved if we are not in one of these states.

We use value betting to exploit opportunities from odds discrepancies across competitive bookmakers.

Value betting, this means that we continue to place bets covering all outcomes, but instead of using our initial sign up bonus, we use other promotional offers that give us a consistent edge over the bookmaker.

Bookmakers also offer different odds on the same games, so we can use software to find discrepancies and place a bet that covers all outcomes and guarantees a small profit no matter the outcome.

Bookmakers like pinnacle pride themselves on not offering any promotions, but razor tight odds, the best they can possible give, other bookmakers often offer worse odd but give away other promotions. This leaves us with an opportunity to exploit the odds discrepancy by placing opposing bets on 2 bookmakers and pocketing the difference.

There is also an opportunity to use software to find out when bookmakers are providing exceptional odds compared to the rest of the market, by betting exclusively on these ‘value bets’ we might win some and lose some.

But with the right risk management strategy we should profit consistently over time. This is how Casinos and Bookmakers guarantee they win in the long run, we’re just turning the tables.

Value betting involves much more thought than matched betting as your profit and loss can fluctuate so you need to have risk management strategies in place to ensure you can handle the variance.

How do we find these arbitrage opportunities?

To find value bets in the US, we can use Trademate Sports, they will scan the following markets and bookmakers. and alert you every time that a value bet opportunity comes along. They also have an entire platform so you can track your progress and profits.

Trademate USA scars for value bets accross American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey and Basketball

It works with the main bookmakers available to the US

  • Draftkings
  • 888Sports
  • William Hill
  • Bet365
  • Intertops
  • Fanduel
  • 5dimes
  • Bookmaker.eu
  • Unibet

Which US states can I do Sports Betting.

This list updates regularly, you will also need to double check with the bookmaker when you are signing up that you are eligible to sign up and place bets in your state. You will need to verify your location.

Important to check your own state laws, this is just me regurgitating what some guy online said before me. So do your own due dillagance, as in, jump on live chat with the bookmaker and ask them outright can you sign up and verify your account.

Arkansas – Almost

At the moment there is no online sports betting allowed. But I believe legislation has cleared so it should be viable in the near future.

Available bookmakers

Add list

Colorado Yes

Sports betting was legalized here in May 2020. However, full online and mobile betting are available in Colorado.

Matched betting possible here, although we would need to do dutch betting as there are no exchanges yet.

Delaware Not Yet

From May 2020, the current law only permits sports betting in physical premises so matched betting is a non starter at the moment..This is currently being mulled over by the big wigs so should soon be available.

Illinois – Soon

Sports betting launched in March 2020 but the physical premises were given a 18 month window to open before the online bookmakers. So it wont be viable here for a while, but watch this space..

Indiana – Yes

There are several online sports books operating apps in Indiana at the moment. So yes, matched betting is a viable option here. As there is no betting exchange you will need to dutch bet until one show up.

Iowa – Yes

Online sports betting is allowed in Iowa, so yes, matched betting is doable here.

Michigan – Yes

Very recently Michigan has come online and a viable option for matched betting as online sports betting is now allowed.

Mississippi – Soon

Sports betting is only allowed in casinos at the moment, but it will likely be changing very soon. Watch this space

Montana Not yet

Sports betting online is currently not possible in Montana, you have to go to a kiosk to place a bet, not happening.

Nevada – Yes

Yes, it’s available here but you have to go to a casino to register, a little bit bonkers, but worth it if you’re willing to get stuck in.

As it stands, bettors are currently required to visit casinos to register for online betting. For matched betting in Nevada to be a possibility, residents now need access to a betting exchange.

New Hampshire – yes

Online sports betting is available here.

Available bookies

New Jersey – Yes

Yes, you can do online sports betting here, and even better is that the Betfair betting exchange are currently trialing their services here, that will be a game changer for matched betting in the USA once that takes off.

Available bookmakers

  • FanDuel
  • PlayMGM
  • SugarHouse
  • William Hill
  • 888Sport
  • BetStars
  • DraftKings

New Mexico – No

Only is casinos, no bueno

New York – No

You can’t bet online yet, hopefully the sort it out sooner than later.

North Carolina – No

In person betting only – meh

Oregon – No

No online sports betting allowed

Pennsylvania- Yes

You can do sports betting online here, so yes.

Rhode Island – Not Really

Via state-run lotter. William Hill and IGT have partnered with them. You can get some sportsbets done at https://sportsbetrhodeisland.com/sports But it’s still not really enough for matched betting.

Tennessee – Yes

Online sports betting is available here, with BetMGM, FanDuel and Draftkings.

Washington – Not yet

It has been legalized here but there is nowhere to bet yet. So hold onto your hats.

West Virginia – Yes

You can bet with the FanDuel , DraftKings and BetMGM and BetMGM


Is online betting legal in the US?

A common question we get asked, is matched betting is legal in the US.

Anywhere you can place a sports bet, you can do matched betting. And since 2018, Sports betting has been legalised on a federal level for individuals in the US. Since then it has been up to each state to decide for themselves if they will allow online sports betting in the USA. Some states have been quicker than others to get going.

This means that Matched Betting in the USA has a very bright future, so it’s an amazing opportunity to learn the ropes before everybody piles in.

Betting exchanges in the USA

The only betting exchange in the US is Betfair, however they have very limited markets right now and are only available in very few states. So we will us a method called dutch betting or dutching to complete our matched bets.

We will do this using our free dutch betting calculator and use either an opposing bookmaker that has a promotion we can play to place our second bet to cover ourselves, or we can use a bookmaker like pinnacle that offers the best odds available on most games, it’s their business model to offer no promos, but to keep odds as tight as possible.

Matched Betting Terminology

Some buzz words you will encounter

Lay Bet – This is the term used for the bet we place on the second bookmaker to cover the original bet. So we can hedge against any potential loss.

Back Bet – This is our first bet, where we back a team to win with our bonus bet.

No-Risk Matched Betting USA – 8 Step Tutorial

There are a few different types of bonuses that you can use for matched betting, the most common one is a free matched value bonus bet, so if you deposit $100 they will give you a $100 bonus bet. So we’ll begin with this type. Usually there’s a caveat to the bonus bet is that you much bet through the value of your deposit first before you can use your bonus bet, or alternatively, if your bonus bet wins, you must bet your winnings before withdrawing.

We use the back/lay strategy to complete this without incurring any risk associated with gambling. In this example tutorial we will assume X bookmaker gives us a $50 bonus bet for our initial sign up deposit of our $50 real cash.

This is how we extract the profit from the bonus bet and get our $50 deposit back out of the bookmakers and back into our bank account without risk.

Step 1 – Signing Up

You will need to sign up to a bookmaker that is offering a promotions that you’re eligible for. You will also need to sign up to a second bookmaker that you will use to place your lay bet (opposing bet). It’s very important that you find out if you’re eligible to sign up, based on state and age, you can ask them on live chat if you’re unsure. The last thing you want to do is deposit, place and bet only to find out that your not eligible and the freeze your account and money.

Step 2 – Unlocking bonus bets and extracting our initial deposits without risk

Once you have verified and been granted your bonus bet, you’re ready to do some matched betting. So in this situation we will assume standard enough terms, we need to bet through our initial deposit once (1x Turnover) before we are allowed to place our bonus bet. So to begin we will need to place a bet using our initial $50 and most importantly, makes sure we don’t lose it.

So what we need to do is find a game in the head market with close odds on either side, lets choose a sport like NFL and say the Packers vs Steelers. We can use a oddsmatcher from a trial version of ODDSHERO to find a game with close odds. Let’s then assume that the odds for this game are

Packers 2.1 to win (CONVERT)

Steelers 1.9 to win (CONVERT)

As we are not using a betting exchange to place our lay bet, but we’re using a second bookmaker, we will use the Dutch Betting Calculator.

When we enter odds for our teams into boxes ‘Selection 1’ and ‘Selection 2’ this will tell us the how much we need to place on each team to get the profit or loss we desire. So here I entered $100 into the total stake, you can play around with the total stake until you get the desired number that you can place on the teams to unlock your bonus bet. In this case I need to bet $50, so I back selection 1 on the bookmaker that gave me the bonus for a total of $52.50 at odds of ($1.9) Then I place $47.50 on the second team on the second bookmaker at odds of (2.1)

This means no matter the outcome we will end up with the profit or loss mentioned. In this scenario we will lose $0.25c, however remember this then means that we will have unlocked our free $50 bonus bet, and it only cost us $0.25c to do so. We are also able to withdraw this initial deposit we made so we have our initial deposit back, minus $0.25c of course. Now we are ready to turn this $50 bonus we have unlocked into a cash profit in the next step.

Note: We want to make sure that both bookmakers have the same terms and conditions for the outcome of the head to head in case the game goes into OT or is a draw. For example, a lot of bookies don’t have the same retirement rules for tennis or OT. So if this happens it’s possible that you could lose money on both bookmakers and be largely out of pocket, so don’t overlook the rules.

Step 3 – Extracting cash value from our bonus bet

In this step we will take our shiny new $50 bonus bet and turn it into cash that we can withdraw, there are two schools of though on what to do with this bonus bet. As it only cost us $0.25c to get this bonus bet, some people would suggest that as it is a value bet, we can simply place the bet on a favourite in a match and if they win we would stand to win some good money and if we lose, then we lose the $0.25c.

This is basically value betting. (LINK) There is nothing specifically wrong with this, as if you do it a few times you will likely end up ahead, but there is also a chance you wont get anything for the time you invested.

Option 2 is to back and lay this bet similar to step 2, and ensuring that we get some guaranteed profit from this bonus bet.

Personally, I like the sure thing, usually when we use option 2 however, due to the difference in odds on 2 bookmakers opposing teams, we will not extract the complete $50 bonus into cash, we usually come out with about 70-75% of the cash value of the bonus if we are using a betting exchange, but there are none in the US so with dutching we wil guarantee a little less, so for a $50 bonus we will aim to get roughly $20-25 guaranteed cash profit.

You can do this with a few bookmakers sign up bonuses, and then with your risk free bankroll you can either buy yourself a nice pair of shoes, or then reinvest it into the world of value betting (Explained here)

If you choose option 1, all you need to do is place your bonus bet on anything you like, and if you win, wonderful, but if not, you will lose $0.25c and have nothing to show for your effort. So you don’t need much help here.

If you go with option 2, we will again, need to find a game with favourable odds between two teams that we can back/lay. To do this, we again can use the free trial of Oddshero.

You can use the Oddsmonkey calculator here for this step, in my example I’ve found a game with Team A at odds of 1.9 and Team B with odds of 1.83

So I need to place my $50 bonus bet on bookmaker A at odds of 1.9 and then place the real cash amount of $24.59 (NB: Always round up, so $25) on Team B with the second bookmaker, again make sure there are no differneces in the payout rules on both bookmakers if there is OT/Draw or postponed games etc.

Possible outcomes

Selection 1 wins, we will will $45 cash on the bookmaker but we lose our $25 on the second bookmaker, leaving us with a guaranteed $20 profit.

Selection 2 wins, we will lose our $50 free bonus bet on bookmaker (no cash loss) but we will win $45 (minus our $25 bet*) leaving us with a guaranteed profit of $20.

I will reiterate, because it’s super important, if there is overtime, draw, or any other potential cases for the game being postponed like tennis retirements, you need to make sure the rules are the same on both bookies in these cases.

Online Sports betting in the USA (Final Word)

Since the PASPA law was changed in 2018 states have really made great progress rushing through legislation to get online sports betting in the US a reality.

There is a diabolical amount of money to be made for the fat cats in these states so it’s only a matter of time before it is huge here. It’s going to be a gold rush for arbitrage betting as each bookmaker competes with each other for your custom. So although it is not ideal for matched betting yet, depending on your state, there is a good opportunity to get started and ahead of the pack on your arbitrage betting journey.

Considering the huge amount of money that flows into offshore bookmakers from the US, it only makes sense that with the world becoming more decentralized the will want to take this into their net.

Which brings me to the other option, crypto sports betting has been growing rapidly each year, you can read more about where this is at here. (Coming soon)

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